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Salmon Pool Templers

The patriarch of the Salmon Pool side of the family is Thomas Templer who  marries Alice Vinicombe. We believe Thomas makes a fortune out of providing victuals (provisions) for the Navy during the Napoleonic wars. His father was a butcher and he was termed a grazier. Certainly, he had amassed a considerable fortune for him to marry according to family lore, a General's daughter (or neice). So far we have found no proof of this General.

Thomas has six sons.

  1. Thomas Templer, the head of the family - This branch dies out. Thomas  applies for the Salmon Pool coat of arms, but makes it a condition that his brother’s family may also use the arms.
  2. Henry Templer who becomes a member of the Honourable East India Company and marries very late
  3. John Templer, Vicar of Collumpton - From this branch we get three sub-branches:

                1.  The Skinners (Henry Skinner Templer),

2.  The Darvalls (John Arthur Templer = Mary Darvall)

3.  Mersons (Edward Merson Templer).

Henry Skinner Templer becomes a vicar but his son emigrates to New Zealand and then on to Africa and back to England.

The Darvalls and Mersons emigrate, first to Australia and then to New Zealand where many can still be found.

  1. James Templer who marries Catherine Lethbridge - He makes a fortune as a Solicitor in Bridport, Dorset. From James comes a number of sub-branches and from his youngest son comes the family of Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer
  2. Rev Charles Templer marries Jane Pinson, with no issue

  3. William Henry Templer marries Anna Maria Prior - This branch dies out

Salmon Pool Templer Tree