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Salmon Pool and Stover Templers

It is surprising how within a few generations the history of a family can be distorted and corrupted by either ignorance or intent. For a period of time it was known that there were two distinct Templer families who lived in the Exeter area. After a great deal of research, these two families were re-joined and we can now trace the families back to one common ancestor Alexander b. abt 1548, who married Agnes Symons on 23rd November 1573

Alexander’s grandchild Richard, had a number of sons, one being Richard and another being Thomas

Richard’s grandchild Thomas settled at an estate called Salmon Pool in the village of Alphington, about a mile south of Exeter in Devon. Thomas made a fortune victualling (supplying food) to the Royal Navy with meat during the Napoleonic Wars -1799 to 1815. Thomas was a Butcher, son of Mr John Templar, butcher by succession, where the Mr indicated John was a ‘Gent’.

Thomas’ grandchild James made a fortune as a building contractor for the Royal Navy, building the docks at Plymouth. From this fortune he built a large house  at Teigngrace in Devon and called it Stover, (Stover House).

This is when the two families seem to separate. James had come from a very poor family (he himself had be sent to an orphanage), but having made is fortune, he applied for a Coat of Arms. Whether to disguise his humble beginning, or just ignorance he inferred that he was the descendant of a Colonel in the the service of William of Orange, who had come to England from Holland. This was a total red-herring or white lie. However, for many years it gave the impression that the Salmon Pool and Stover families were two distinct families

These two families are called the Salmon Pools and the Stover

Over the years our family has spread to many parts of the United Kingdom and indeed the world, mainly in Australia and New Zealand.


Later research shows that the two families must have been aware of each other a their children went to the same schools and even universities. However, it took many years to dispel some of these myths and re-find the truth.

Salmon Pool Templer Tree Stover Templer Tree Early Templer Tree