from Somerset, Devon and Dorset


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Descendants of Edward Merson Templer

Arthur Templer 1859-1917

Edward Merson Templer 1819-1897 Young man

Edward Merson Templer and family.jpg

Guy Merson Templer 1922-1944

John Campbell Templer 1888-1980 -  1913

John Merson Templer and Family

Reginald Charles Templer 1855-1914

John Campbell Templer 1888-1980 -  London 1917

JohnMerson IreneAlexandra JohnMersonMc

John Merson, Hugh and John Edward Templer c1942

John Merson Templer 1904-1992

Hugh Reginald Templer 1913-1985

Arthur Lethbridge  Templer 1910-2001 Headstone

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