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I am always very interested any information that relates to any of the Templer families and any other families that are connected to Templers.

It is my intention that any information on living individuals that is published on this website is privatised and only their name will be given. Even this can be removed. I still collect any stories about members of the family, whether living or dead, with the aim of providing as complete a family history of our family.

If you have any information about that you can give, I would really appreciate this. This can be additions, subtractions or even corrections.

Please remember that whilst you may not be interested in the family tree, your children, grandchildren and your family members might be.

As you get older, you start to ask the questions that you should have asked in your early life

Copyright - The aim of the copyright of this website is to prevent third parties from making financial benefit from the information contained in it. The information may be freely used for research provided it is not used for financial gain.

If I have breached somebody's copyright, I do apologies. Please tell me and I will rectify this as soon as I can.

I personally do not gain anything from this website other than the satisfaction of dissipation the Templer family history to those who may find it  interesting. History will be lost if we don’t keep it alive. In may cases it has been a struggle to retrieve it and I don’t want it to be lost again.

Terms & Conditions

The information contained in this website, the links to the Templer Family Trees and any information sent to you in whatever format, including GEDCOM files, is for private research only. Please do not post this information to third party websites. If you have new information, corrections or changes or would like a GEDCOM file, please contact us using the link below

GDPR - This website has tried to privatise living people. If you find information relating to living relatives or any information that should not be in the public domain, please tell me and I will remove it immediately.  

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