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Claude Frank Lethbridge Templer

Captain CLAUDE FRANK LETHBRIDGE TEMPLER - Killed in action 4th June 1918 - 1st Battalion Gloucester Regiment

Born 5th July 1895, in India. Educated Wellington College. Commissioned August 1914. He was captured at La Bassee 22nd December 1914 and sent to Strohen camp in Germany. After 11 unsuccessful attempts he finally escaped to Holland in June 1917. On the evening of 4th June 1918 he led a raid near Auchy-les-Mines, whilst returning back across No-Man's Land he was struck by a shell and killed. He is listed on the Loos Memorial to the Missing. Aged 22 years. He was a war poet.

Memorial in RMC Sandhurst Chapel - "To the glory of God and in proud memory of Claude Templer, Captain, 1st Bn The Gloucestershire Regiment. Wounded and captured 22nd December 1914. Escaped from captivity in Strohen, 29th September 1917, after having made 12 previous attempts from the prison camps at Hanover, Munden, Torgau, Burg (twice), Magdeburg, Augustabad, from the Burg Civil Goal (4 times), the Fortress of Wesel, twice whilst travelling under escort between Wesel and Magdeburg. Rejoined his regiment at his own special request 29th March 1918. Killed by a chance shell whilst returning from a successful raid on the German trenches in the La Bassee Sector, 4th June 1918, in his 23rd year.


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