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Places & Events related to Templers

Here is a list of places, and events that are associated with members of the Templer Family. Please click on the links below

Both Families

Many of the early Templers where associated with Exeter and it associated churches

Salmon Pool Templers

 This house was owned by Thomas Templer

Henry August Templer founded and supplied the Bridport Volunteers

Henry August Templer owned Mountfield in Bridport, Dorest

Stover Templers

This house was built by James Templer I of Stover

This church was rebuilt by the children of James Templer of Stover

Charles Beckford Templer, the son for James Templer of Stover, perished in the wreck of the Haswell, of the coast of Dorset

Lindridge was purchased by John Line. On his death it was left to his wife Jane who married John Templer. John bought the estate after the death of his wife

This house was bought by George Templer of Jungpore

This house was built by George Templer of Stover after he left Stover

This church is associated with Templers by marriage to the Pole family

The canal and railway were built by the Templers of Stover to bring down the granite form Hay Tor to the coast

Templer monuments have been made from Coade Stone

Exeter Salmon Pool Bridport Volunteers Mountfield Stover House Teigngrace Church Lindridge House Shapwick House Sandford Orleigh Shute Church Granite Railway & Canal Coade Stone Haswell