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Guy Merson Templer

Guy Merson Templer was the only child Guy Merson Templer and Winifred Alice Catherine Templer


Flying Officer


Royal New Zealand Air Force

who died on Sunday, 10th September 1944. Age 22.

Additional Information:  Son of Guy Merson Templer and Winifred Alice Catherine Templer, of Auckland City, New Zealand.

Commemorative Information

Cemetery:  CHESTER (BLACON) CEMETERY, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Grave Reference:  Sec. A. Grave 232.

Historical Information:  Blacon Cemetery had not yet been used when, in 1940, the authorities set aside two special plots for the burial of service war dead.

NZ.413911 Flying Officer Guy Merson Templer

Pilot - Royal New Zealand Air Force

No.60 Operational Training Unit, High Ercall, Shropshire

Killed whilst flying Mosquito FB.Vl MP116 Coded 'T' on Sunday 10th December 1944, along with his Navigator NZ.4211007 Flying Officer Derek Allen Attwood RNZAF

Engaged on Air to Ground Range Firing exercise.

Aircraft made a normal diving approach over Banks Firing Range, NorthEast of Southport, Lancashire, but the dive suddenly became steeper. Pilot attempted to pull up but hit the ground, the starboard wing folding back just before impact.

Crash investigators thought that the pilot's attention may have been momentarily diverted in dealing with a gun firing mechanism.

Pilot had completed 1563 flying hours (52 on Mosquito)

Both crew were buried at Chester on 14 September 1944

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